6.2.b Implement optimize and troubleshoot QoS using MQC

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Tc  Time interval, measured in milliseconds, over which the committed burst (Bc) can be
sent. With many shaping tools, Tc = Bc/CIR.

Bc  Committed burst size, measured in bits. This is the amount of traffic that can be sent
during the Tc interval. Typically defined in the traffic contract.

Be  Excess burst size, in bits. This is the number of bits beyond Bc that can be sent after a   period of inactivity.

Shaped Rate  The rate, in bits per second, to which a particular configuration wants to shape the traffic.  It may or may not be set to the CIR.

CIR  Committed information rate, in bits per second, which defines the rate of a VC according to the business contract.