2.1.f Implement and troubleshoot spanning-tree

of course i got the new ccna book (the icnd2, anyway) because this is monumental… it has been quite a while since there has been a sweeping change to this series…  anyone who has slaved through ccna will want to read this, no matter your current cert level… it also comes with extra content like videos, test engine, etc…  you owe it to yourself to take a walk down memory lane…

here is a nice sample tidbit…  you know by default the priority of a switch is 32,768 without the extended system id… when using the root primary macro, the new setting will be 24,576… you also know that priority is set in 4096 increments… but that’s an 8192 difference not 4096… do the math…

For the switch intended to take over as the root if the first switch fails, use the spanning-tree
vlan vlan-id root secondary command. This command is much like the spanning-tree vlan
vlan-id root primary command, but with a priority value worse than the primary switch but
better than all the other switches. This command sets the switch’s base priority to 28,672
regardless of the current root’s current priority value.