quote of the day; frame-relay… will it ever go away…

not according to wendell, at least for cert tracks anyway…

Frame Relay was at one time the most popular WAN technology used in computer networks.
Today, Frame Relay has become less popular, being replaced by several other WAN options.
These include the virtual private network (VPN) technology, as discussed back in Chapter 7,
“Virtual Private Networks,” and Ethernet WANs, as introduced in the ICND1 book. In addi-
tion, many enterprises use Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs, which follow the
same basic service model as Frame Relay, usually offered by the same Frame Relay providers
but with significant technical advantages.
Although many companies choose other WAN options today, Frame Relay still has uses.
Some companies still use it as a core WAN technology. It can also be used to connect to
MPLS and Internet VPNs. So, Frame Relay will be an important networking topic for some

you mean “although no companies choose frame relay…”