quote of the day, fec…

forwarding equivalence class can mean a few things, similarly… it mostly means prefix, and by extension, prefix fondling…

have at it wendell:

Generally speaking, an FEC is a set of packets that receives the same forwarding treatment by
a single LSR. For simple MPLS unicast IP forwarding, each IPv4 prefix is an FEC. For MPLS
VPNs, each prefix in each VRF is an FEC—making the prefix in VRF-A a different
FEC from the prefix in VRF-B. Alternately, with QoS implemented, one FEC might
be the set of packets in VRF-A, destined to, with DSCP EF in the packet, and
another FEC might be packets in the same VPN, to the same subnet, but with a different
DSCP value.