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from ccnp firewall quick review

Class maps can define a class of traffic by matching via the follow command keywords:
■     access list: An entry in an ACL.
■     any: Any packet.
■     default inspection traffic: The default TCP and UDP ports used by all applications that the security appliance can inspect. You can specify an ACL-based class along with the default inspection traffic class to narrow the matched traffic.
■     dscp: A differentiated services code point (DSCP) value in the IP header defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
■     flow: All traffic going to a unique IP destination address.
■     port: Traffic using the TCP or UDP destination port or a contiguous range of ports.
■     precedence: The precedence value represented by the Type of Service (ToS) byte in the IP header.
■     rtp: Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) destination port.
■     tunnel-group: VPN tunnel traffic. If you use this criterion, you can also configure the class to match a specific destination IP address within the tunnel group. Class maps are assigned to policy maps.