4.1.a Implement and troubleshoot MPLS operations

4.1.a [ii] LDP

looks funny… it threw me the first few times… at the interface level you more often type ip first, as in ip ospf network point-to-point, et al… then i just stopped thinking about it, until today…

right? now look at this…

PE1(config-if)#do sh mpls ldp disco
Local LDP Identifier:
Discovery Sources:
FastEthernet0/0 (ldp): xmit/recv
LDP Id:; no host route

of course there’s no preceding ip because it’s layer 2, or two and a half as they say…

PE1#sh ip ospf int brie
Interface    PID   Area            IP Address/Mask    Cost  State Nbrs F/C
Lo0          1     0              1     P2P   0/0
Fa0/0        1     0         1     DR    1/1

PE1#sh mpls int f0/0
Interface              IP            Tunnel   Operational
FastEthernet0/0        Yes (ldp)     No       Yes

no shit…