filtering multiple arguments…

i wrote about this one before, but yesterday i forgot it, and then remembered it thanks to stretch over at packetlife… it’s worth noting… if you want to filter  multiple outputs from the cli, simply use multiple “|”‘s without spaces after the intitial filter as below:

R1#sh ver | i 36|Config
Cisco IOS Software, 3600 Software (C3640-JK9S-M), Version 12.4(8), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
ROM: 3600 Software (C3640-JK9S-M), Version 12.4(8), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Cisco 3640 (R4700) processor (revision 0xFF) with 124928K/6144K bytes of memory.
Configuration register is 0x2102

R1#sh run | i ver|host|aaa
version 12.4
hostname R1
no aaa new-model
no ip http server
no ip http secure-server
ntp server

note space for first argument… note no spaces thereafter…

be careful what you filter on, you just might get it…