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Get on CLN and get on VIRL

34. Re: Cisco Live Vegas

Jack Jan 22, 2016 12:06 PM (in response to arteq)

CLN/CLUS-LV meet up would be awesome! Please keep me in the loop.


One of the reasons i purchased VIRL was based on your youtube videos! So hopefully you’ll keep them coming!

I still have affection for GNS3, it’s where i “grew up” in terms of Cisco. I wouldn’t have obtained my CCNA without it. But the limits of GNS3 affected my CCNP Switch studies, so I had to spend the money.. But I don’t regret the decision!

Do you know where to find any CCNP Switch-VIRL labs? (without a price tag). Just a stab in the dark on that one!


if you are as saddened as i am about the chameleon from GNS3 mucking up your network topologies, then kill the damn thing…

here’s how:


 in your /home/user/.config/GNS3 directory run sudo gedit gns3_gui.conf and terminate the icloud login little bastard by setting hide_the_damn_lizard to “true”.

for windows it’s gns3_gui.ini…