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CCIE Lab Builder

I have begun using CCIE Lab Builder, mostly because the folks over at CLN asked if i might take it for a test drive. Well, I’m driving it. See this video for a quick up and running.


That is the topology builder. See the video for tips on how to take some of the pain out of initially configuring a topology.

I will have more posts about it. stay tuned.

3.3.n Implement and troubleshoot routing protocol authentication

  • 3.3.n [i] MD5
  • 3.3.n [ii] Key-chain
  • 3.3.n [iv] OSPFv2 SHA1-196bit

in ios vers 15.4 or later you can use SHA  for OSPF authentication… as if routing protocol authentication needed yet more security…

you’ll need to set up a key, similar to EIGRP, as below:


1.    enable

2.    configure terminal

3.    key chain name

4.    key key-id

5.    key-string name

6.    cryptographic-algorithm name

7.    send-lifetime start-time {infinite | end-time | duration seconds}

8.    end

for the rest of us humans there is this lab:


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