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Upcoming changes to CCIE V5 written blueprint

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Evolving Technologies Domain

1. Cloud

1.1: Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models

•  Infrastructure, platform, and software services (XaaS)

•  Performance and reliability

•  Security and privacy

•  Scalability and interoperability

1.2: Describe Cloud implementations and operations

• Automation and orchestration

• Workload mobility

• Troubleshooting and management

•  OpenStack components

2. Network Programmability

2.1: Describe functional elements of network programmability (SDN) and how

they interact

•  Controllers

•  APIs

•  Scripting

•  Agents

•  Northbound vs. Southbound protocols

2.2: Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments

•  DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows

•  Network/application function virtualization (NFV, AFV)

•  Service function chaining

•  Performance, availability, and scaling considerations

3. Internet of Things

3.1: Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)

•  Performance, reliability and scalability

•  Mobility

•  Security and privacy

•  Standards and compliance

•  Migration

•  Environmental impacts on the network


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