6.2b classification

match-any (logical OR)  match-all (default, uses logical AND)

r3(config-cmap)#match ?
access-group         Access group (match defined acl)
any                  Any packets
class-map            Class map
cos                  IEEE 802.1Q/ISL class of service/user priority values
destination-address  Destination address
discard-class        Discard behavior identifier
dscp                 Match DSCP in IP(v4) and IPv6 packets
fr-de                Match on Frame-relay DE bit
fr-dlci              Match on fr-dlci
input-interface      Select an input interface to match
ip                   IP specific values
mpls                 Multi Protocol Label Switching specific values
not                  Negate this match result
packet               Layer 3 Packet length
precedence           Match Precedence in IP(v4) and IPv6 packets
protocol             Protocol (uses NBAR)
qos-group            Qos-group
source-address       Source address