6.1.a Implement and troubleshoot device management

6.1.a [iii] [T]FTP

You can configure a router to serve as a RARP or TFTP server to reduce costs and time delays in your network while allowing you to use your router for its regular functions.

Typically, a router that is configured as a TFTP server provides other routers with system image or router configuration files from its Flash memory. You can also configure the router to respond to other types of service requests, such as requests.

To enable TFTP server operation, use the following commands, beginning in privileged EXEC mode:

Router( config)# tftp-server flash [partition-number:] filename1[ alias filename2] [access-list-number]

You configure a router to transfer files between systems on the network using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With the Cisco IOS implementation of FTP, you can set the following FTP characteristics:

● Passive-mode FTP

● User name

● Password

● IP address

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