3.6.g Implement, troubleshoot and optimize OSPF convergence and scalability

3.6.g [iii] LSA propagation control [area types, ISPF]

By default, OSPF LSA propagation is controlled by three parameters:

● OSPF_LSA_DELAY_INTERVAL: Controls the length of time that the router should wait before generating a type 1 router LSA or type 2 network LSA. By default, this parameter is set at 500 ms.

● MinLSInterval: Defines the minimum time between distinct originations of any particular LSA. The value of MinLSInterval is set to 5 seconds.

● MinLSArrival: The minimum time that must elapse between reception of new LSA instances during flooding for any particular LSA. LSA instances received at higher frequencies are discarded. The value of MinLSArrival is set to 1 second.

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