3.6.f Implement and troubleshoot operations

3.6.f [ii] Graceful shutdown

The Graceful Shutdown for OSPFv3 feature provides the ability to temporarily shut down the OSPFv3 protocol in the least disruptive manner and to notify its neighbors that it is going away. All traffic that has another path through the network will be directed to that alternate path. A graceful shutdown of the OSPFv3 protocol can be initiated using the shutdown command in router configuration mode or in address family configuration mode.

This feature also provides the ability to shut down OSPFv3 on a specific interface. In this case, OSPFv3 will not advertise the interface or form adjacencies over it; however, all of the OSPFv3 interface configuration will be retained. To initiate a graceful shutdown of an interface, use the ipv6 ospf shutdown or the ospfv3 shutdown command in interface configuration mode.

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