3.6.d Implement and troubleshoot network types, area types and router types

3.6.d [iv] Virtual link

Area 0 has to be at the center of all other areas. In some rare case where it is impossible to have an area physically connected to the backbone, a virtual link is used. The virtual link will provide the disconnected area a logical path to the backbone. The virtual link has to be established between two ABRs that have a common area, with one ABR connected to the backbone.

Packets sent on a virtual link with IPsec must use predetermined source and destination addresses. The first local area address found in the router’s intra-area-prefix LSA for the area is used as the source address. This source address is saved in the area data structure and used when secure sockets are opened and packets sent over the virtual link. The virtual link will not transition to the point-to-point state until a source address is selected. Also, when the source or destination address changes, the previous secure sockets must be closed and new secure sockets opened.

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