3.6.a Describe packet types

3.6.a [i] LSA types [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9]

below is the link i posted yesterday about the lsdb tutorial by plumbis from cln:

the link is busted…

download this:

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i’m reposting it as i have built a gns3 topology to accompany it. it is completely addressed. feel free to download it and take a shot following along with the tutorial as i will. it should be a great exercise.

i am b.osgood2011@gmail.com… below you’ll find the rar:

this is the topology i came up with: (tip; makes sure to use router-id’s on all routers, they should be 10.0.0.x, replace x with the router number as in the diagram.)



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special_ lsdb_tutorial

good luck.

and thank plumbis over on cln.