3.5 EIGRP [for IPv4 and IPv6]

eigrp neighbor table


the H column records the order in which the neighbors were learned

address and interface columns record the ip address of the neighbor and the interface on which the neighbor’s Hello’s are received

the Hold time is the amount of time that a router will consider a neighbor alive without receiving  hello packets. The hold time is typically three times the hello interval. You can adjust the hold time with the ip hold-time eigrp command.

uptime the time since the neighbor was added to the table

SRTT (Smoothed Round-Trip Time) With EIGRP, a purposefully slowly changing measurement
of round-trip time between neighbors, from which the EIGRP RTO is calculated.

RTO (Retransmission Timeout) With EIGRP, a timer starts when a reliable (to be
acknowledged) message is transmitted. For any neighbor(s) failing to respond in its RTO, the
RTP protocol causes retransmission. RTO is calculated based on SRTT.

Q cnt(count) indicates the number of enqueued packets

Seq Num is the sequence number of the last update, query, or reply packet received from the neighbor