3.5.c Classic metric



• Delay (measured in 10s of microseconds)

• Bandwidth (measured in kilobytes per second)

• Reliability (in numbers ranging from 1 to 255; 255 being the most reliable)

• Load (in numbers ranging from 1 to 255; 255 being saturated)

Various constants (K 1 through K 5) are able to be set by a user to produce varying routing behaviors. However by default, only delay and bandwidth are used in the weighted formula to produce a single 32bit metric:



Note: Default K values are: K1 = K3 = 1 and K2 = K4 = K5 = 0
When K5 is equal to 0 then [K5/( K4 + reliability)] is defined to be 1

Use of the default constants effectively reduces the formula above to: