3.2.c Implement and troubleshoot multicast source discovery protocol

3.2.c [i] Intra-domain MSDP [anycast RP]

PIM-SM is the multicast forwarding protocol used in the intra-domain multicast scenarios. Anycast RP is a useful application of MSDP. This technique is used for configuring a multicast sparse mode network to provide for fault tolerance and load sharing within a single multicast domain.

Two or more RPs are configured with the same IP address (for example, on loopback interfaces. The loopback address should be configured with a 32-bit mask. All the downstream routers are configured so that they know that is the IP address of their local RP. IP routing automatically selects the topologically closest RP for each source and receiver. Because some sources use only one RP and some receivers a different RP, a method is needed for the RPs to exchange information about active sources. This information exchange is done with MSDP. All the RPs are configured to be MSDP peers of each other . Each RP will know about the active sources in the area of the other RP. If any of the RPs were to fail, IP routing would converge and one of the RPs would become the active RP in both areas.

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