3.2.b Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 protocol independent multicast

3.2.b [vi] Multicast boundary

You can set up an administratively scoped boundary on an interface for multicast group addresses. A standard access list defines the range of addresses affected. When a boundary is set up, no multicast data packets are allowed to flow across the boundary from either direction. The boundary allows the same multicast group address to be reused in different administrative domains.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has designated the multicast address range to as the administratively scoped addresses. This range of addresses can be reused in domains administered by different organizations. They would be considered local and not globally unique. You can configure the filter-autorp keyword to examine and filter Auto-RP discovery and announcement messages at the administratively scoped boundary. Any Auto-RP group range announcements from the Auto-RP packets that are denied by the boundary access control list (ACL) are removed. An Auto-RP group range announcement is permitted and passed by the boundary only if all addresses in the Auto-RP group range are permitted by the boundary ACL. If any address is not permitted, the entire group range is filtered and removed from the Auto-RP message before the Auto-RP message is forwarded.

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