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SWITCH 300-115 1.3 Configure and verify VLANs

1.3.a Access ports

Typically, an access port is used by a host to gain entry onto the network via an access layer switch.

An access port can have only one VLAN configured on an interface, meaning it can carry traffic for only a single vlan.

However, for completeness there is also an access port type known as muliti-vlan access  whereby the voice vlan feature is enabled along with the switchport access vlan X command to support data and voice simultaneously. But that is another discussion.

Let’s default the interface first

and sh vlan brief

Shows us all of the ports are assigned to vlan 1 out of the box

Then examine the operational mode GOT season 7 with show interface f0/11 switchport

other useful interface commands are

sh int f0/11

sh run int f0/11

sh int f0/11 status

sh int descr

To enable a port for use with a Vlan use

switchport mode access,

Note that if the vlan has not already been created using the vlan X command, it will be created as a result of the switchport access vlan X command as demonstrated here:

switchport access vlan 10

There is also a macro command that will cause an access port to become a host port immediately

switchport host

This will set it as access, enable spanning-tree portfast and will not allow it to become a member of an etherchannel