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control-plane ports…


this command is similar to netstat in winos…

what the hell is 2887 ddp

Port Number: 2887/tcp (Windows 7/Windows Vista/ Windows XP/Windows Server family)
Protocol Used : aironetddp
Service Type : aironetddp
Known Port 2887/tcp exploits: Yes
Known Port 2887/tcp Security Risks: Yes

Aironet DDP is also known as IAPP. IAPP frames are sent by APs when a wireless client associates to the AP or a wireless client roams to an AP. Wireless clients do not send IAPP packets.



ESP can be used to provide confidentiality, data origin
   authentication, connectionless integrity, an anti-replay service (a
   form of partial sequence integrity), and (limited) traffic flow
   confidentiality.  The set of services provided depends on options
   selected at the time of Security Association (SA) establishment and
   on the location of the implementation in a network topology.

rfc 2979…


your firewall hates icmp…

   ... it's proper (albeit unfriendly) to block ICMP Echo
   and Echo Reply messages, since these form a different use of the
   network, or to block ICMP Redirect messages entirely, or to block
   ICMP DU/FN messages which were not sent in response to legitimate
   outbound traffic.