2.1.h Describe chassis virtualization and aggregation technologies

2.1.h [v] Excluding specific platform implementation
this is the best that i can come up with.
Correct Answer by tnewshott  on Jul 11, 2014 8:25 AM


It means, that if a feature is different between 3560s,  3750s, 3850s, all within the Catalyst line – they will likely not test the feature. By moving to a virtual platform, they are running the IOS code, not emulating specific hardware platforms.

As such, things like hardware queue depths & software tweaks around it, drop threshholds, etc that are affected/dependant on the underlying hardware of a system, those things will likely not be entirely available or truly tweakable as they are in the old lab which had 3560s in it.

This means they are testing technologies, not device capabilities or hardware features.