2.1.h Describe chassis virtualization and aggregation technologies

2.1.h [iii] Alternative to STP

Alternative to STP Cisco offers two alternatives to running STP which are using TRILL and FabricPath. Virtual PortChannel (vPC) also simplifies and addresses STP’s shortcomings.

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Cisco was the only participant in the discussion that advocated the
possibility of keeping STP inplace. What they stated was that some companies might want to use Virtual Port Channels (vPC),which keep STP in place but eliminate its shortcomings. Cisco also recommended that customerswho have more demanding requirements, such as the need for a flattened L2 architecture, shouldconsider either TRILL or FabricPath, a Cisco technology that brings routing concepts to Layer 2. Cisco pointed out that it believes that the goal of having SPB be backward hardware compatible will limit the evolution of that protocol.