1.3.a Use IOS troubleshooting tools

1.3.a [iv] Performance monitor

Cisco performance monitor enables you to monitor the flow of packets in your network and become aware of any issues that might impact the flow before it starts to significantly impact the performance of the application in question. Performance monitoring is especially important for video traffic because high quality interactive video traffic is highly sensitive to network conditions (such as packet drops). Even minor issues that may not affect other applications can have dramatic effects on video quality.

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1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. flow exporter exporter-name

4. description description

5. destination {ip-address | hostname} [vrf vrf-name]

6. export-protocol netflow-v9

7. dscp dscp

8. source interface-type interface-number

9. option {exporter-stats | interface-table | sampler-table} [timeout seconds]

10. output-features

11. template data timeout seconds

12. transport udp udp-port

13. ttl seconds

14. end