1.3.a Use IOS troubleshooting tools


1.3.a [ii] ping, traceroute with extended options

When a normal ping command is sent from a router or a layer-3 switch, the source address of the ping is the IP address of the interface that the packet uses to exit the router. If an extended ping command is used, the source IP address can be changed to any IP address on the router. The extended ping is used to perform a more advanced check of host reachability and network connectivity. The extended ping command works only at the privileged EXEC command line.

The extended traceroute command is a variation of the traceroute command. An extended traceroute command can be used to see what path packets take in order to get to a destination. This is helpful for when you troubleshoot routing loops, or for when you determine where packets are getting lost (if a route is missing, or if packets are being blocked by an Access Control List (ACL) or firewall). You can use the extended ping command in order to determine the type of connectivity problem, and then use the extended traceroute command in order to narrow down where the problem occurs.

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