1.1.e [v] Bandwidth delay product

1 Mb = 131072 B

1 Megabits = 131072 Bytes

10 Megabits = 1310720 Bytes

100 Megabits = 13107200 Bytes


given 20 Mbps between two hosts:


20×131072 = 2621440B


and a determined latency of 20 ms


.20×2621440 = 524288


the determined latency was 1 way (using ping). Remember the optimal window size is the amount that can be sent without incurring an ack. Because ping determined the one way latency, the window size can be doubled to account for a 40 ms rtt, thus doubling the window size or




or simply double the ms from the one way ping to account for rtt, and multiply it by the derived MB.